Emotional moments: the joy of the Visitation, the sorrow of the Holocaust+

'We were instructed, touched spiritually, moved emotionally and grew together."

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Cardinal O’Malley: Report Confirms Bishops’ Concern on Abortion Coverage+

Investigative agency finds over a thousand health plans covering abortion on demand. Promised "separation" of abortion funds from tax dollars not implemented.

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Bishops see suffering but believe prayer is powerful, peace is possible+

"I had a deep sense of the presence of Mary on this pilgrimage."

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Catechetical Congress offers opportunity for renewal, formation and fellowship+

There will be a wide variety of workshops in both English and Spanish to learn different ways to reach out and teach children, youth and adults.

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The Generosity of God+

Most of our disappointments in life are the result of what we expect in the first place.

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Prayer for peace the best gift we can offer for Holy Land+

"The suffering on both sides has been immense."

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Church continues the work of Christ in the Holy Land+

"Surrounded by so many observant Jews praying alone or in groups, I felt part of an enormous and blessed tradition."

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Pilgrimage offers insight into the realities of life in the Holy Land+

"I will pray for all of you as I ask you to join us bishops in prayer for peace in the Middle East."

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On a Pilgrimage for Peace in Holy Land+

'We bishops want only to be witnesses to peace, reconciliation and deepening of the bonds of mutual respect and friendship.'

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Chaminade dedicates stadium to alumni who gave lives for country+

The stadium is named "Gold Star" after the lapel pins giving to the family members of fallen soldiers.

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