Trump’s ‘cracker’ comment adds to ‘presidential aspirancy fatigue’+

The Body of Christ is the living and life-giving Bread of Life who is Jesus Christ, the Son of God,... who came to earth and exploded with love to conquer death and evil for all humanity.

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Cardinal O’Malley: Planned Parenthood’s work reflects ‘throwaway culture’+

If the Planned Parenthood news coverage has caused revived trauma from involvement in abortion, confidential, nonjudgmental help is available.

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Four points of action recommended in response to Planned Parenthood+

The tragic reality of abortion on demand in our nation is a black mark on us as a society and an evil that can never be overlooked.

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Cardinal William Baum, longest serving US cardinal, dies+

"Cardinal Baum was a joy-filled priest with a firm personal commitment to serve the Lord, which he did faithfully for 64 years of ordained life."

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High School grads: Connect to faith on college campus+

Newman Centers are Catholic ministry centers at non-Catholic universities throughout the country.

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Summer Happenings+

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out the Long Island Catholic's calendar of events.

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Diocese to drop fee for declaration of marital nullity+

This is a way for the diocese to help people to be reconciled to the Church and to live fully in the Communion of the Church.

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Father John P. Drab, 95+

“There is nothing I can say negative about the priesthood. You know you are serving God and serving people.”

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Marriage and the natural law+

To understand the larger “yes” into which is incorporated the Church’s “no” to same sex marriage, one must understand the concept of God’s natural law.

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Diocesan Catholics Rally in Support of Religious Freedom+

Click to see photos from the June 25th event.

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