Bishop William Murphy pledged his support for fair labor practices for rural farm workers at an event at Circulo de la Hispanidad in  Hempstead, May 17th, that was part of the 200-mile March for Farm Workers Justice.


Bishop Murphy blesses a march participant.

Supporters of the Farm Workers Fair Labor Practices Act are marching from Long Island to Albany  from May 15 to June 1.
A group of marchers were greeted by Bishop Murphy who said, “I have come here this evening to thank you for your work and to express my deep personal sense of solidarity with you and with the aims of the farm worker moment.”  The group has been lobbying for better working and living conditions and benefits like overtime pay and health insurance for farm workers.

“Fifty years ago my mother was a leading voice in support of the work of the great Cesar Chavez,” said Bishop Murphy. “My sister served as the leader of the 1968 California campaign to elect Robert Kennedy. My family and I have been with you for decades and I wish to reaffirm my personal commitment to you.”

“Permit me also to share with you the full support of my brothers – all the Bishops of New York. Here in this diocese, I pledge the support of our parishes and priests — many of which offer sacraments and services in Spanish.  Please know how much we wish to be brothers and home to you in your family life and in your work… God Bless each of you and God bless the farm worker movement!”