Catechetical Sunday

September 21, 2014


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


The Readings of the Liturgy for Catechetical Sunday, celebrated this year in parishes throughout the country on September 21st, erupt in an expression of God’s mercy and forgiveness. His ways are not our ways, Isaiah reminds us in our first reading. We join our praise with the psalmist, humbled by the LORD whose kindness and compassion extend to all of his works.


The great kindness of the LORD exceeds our imagination even as we proclaim the story told by Jesus in Matthew’s gospel. Those who labor long and hard in the vineyard are paid for their labors no more than those who labor for a few hours. Think of it! God’s mercy and forgiveness beyond measure, beyond human understanding, are given to us all who call upon Him. We are all the recipients of His mercy!


We Catholics are privileged to enjoy the beauty of the Sacrament of Reconciliation which allows God’s love and mercy to radiate in our moment of history. It is the passing on of an understanding of His forgiveness in our faith formation programs, as well as in all of the ministries which the Office of Faith Formation implements in our Diocese, which we celebrate today.


On this Catechetical Sunday, we thank all of you who go into the vineyard proclaiming God’s love and forgiveness in programs throughout the Diocese. May we all join together in praying for a rebirth and renewal of the Sacrament which makes God’s mercy and forgiveness present in our lives, which allows us to Belong More Deeply to Him, and to each other.


With my prayers and best wishes, I am

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Bishop of Rockville Centre