In an Op Ed published in the New York Post on June 20th, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan expressed his frustration that the State failed to pass the Education Investment Tax Credit, or EITC, which would have allowed donors to all schools receive a tax credit for their contribution.

“Donors would be encouraged to contribute to scholarship funds for private schools, or to donate to support public schools, for which they would receive a credit on their tax returns,” the Cardinal wrote.  “There would be limits, of course, on how much of a tax credit a person could receive.

“But, since the money would be donated by private individuals, there would be no state money — not a dime! — going to religious schools, resolving any constitutional concerns.

“The concept was so clean, and the benefit so obvious, that the bill had overwhelming public support.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo said he  supported the bill, as did Senate leader Dean Skelos. The was overwhelming support in the Assembly and Senate.

“I am frustrated because the governor and state legislators have bypassed multiple opportunities to help these families. This was a proposal where everyone would win, and this was a year, especially given the welcome focus on education throughout the state, when no one had to lose,” said the Cardinal.

Cardinal Dolan vowed that he and his fellow bishops, including Rockville Centre’s Bishop William Murphy,  are not giving up the fight for this initiative.

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