Governor’s Cuts for Mandated Educational Services Don’t Add Up+

The state’s Catholic bishops were “extremely disappointed” by Cuomo’s veto of the bipartisan legislation, which “will have serious impact on our schools and tuition-paying families.”

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The crèche and the gap+

We all live, daily, in the “gap” between the person I am and the person I was called to be at baptism.

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What happens at the Mass?+

an extraordinary number of those who self-identify as Catholics in the West have very little idea what the Mass actually is.

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Superheroes and the Power of Love+

I believe that God is calling the Church today, and each of us, to open our arms, reach out and draw all those on the peripheries of society into our circle of love.

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Pride, humility and social media+

Most millenials never simply had experiences; they were conditioned to record, preserve, and present those experiences to a following.

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Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen!+

First, we need to allow Christ to be Christ and to love us in the way he chooses by dying on the Cross for us.

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On ‘owning’ the Church+

The question of “who owns the Church” has had a stormy history in Catholic America, although the terms of reference have changed considerably over time.

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Scripture Reflection: A Miracle+

Remember, if you seek His healing, it will come at a price. You will need to do your part.

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A Lonely Woman+

As we journey toward Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Jesus is inviting us to deeper conversation with Him.

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A Lent to remember+

Visiting the 'station churches' in Rome added new perspective on Lent.

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