‘Wokeism’ in France: The chickens coming home to roost+

French theorist Michel Foucault has had the greatest impact on the formation of the “woke” mentality.

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Why we need a distribution of power+

This uniquely Catholic approach cuts against both the extreme left and the extreme right.

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Four principles for Catholics during election season+

Anyone who says that either of our political parties perfectly, or even adequately, represents Catholic social thought is simply misinformed.

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Little Sisters of the Poor and religious liberty: Debunking the myths+

‘We’d like nothing better than to return to our mission unhindered by the fear of millions of dollars in fines.’

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The Book of Exodus and why coming back to Mass matters+

God doesn’t need the ark and the tabernacle and priestly vestments and regular worship, but we do.

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Martin Luther King and the religious motivation for social change+

'An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law.'

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Pentecost and the fires in our cities+

If Christians have been the dominant presence in our country for all of these centuries, why isn’t there more unity?

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The quarantine’s three lessons about the Church+

A first insight is this: we are an intensely, inescapably Eucharistic church.

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Governor Cuomo and God’s noncompetitive transcendence+

We should thank all of the good people involved in bettering our current situation, and we shouldn’t hesitate, even for a moment, to thank God as well.

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Tragedy, contingency, and a deeper sense of God+

When we are shaken, we seek by a very healthy instinct for that which is ultimately stable.

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