A Lent to remember+

Visiting the 'station churches' in Rome added new perspective on Lent.

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Theology isn’t math; but it is theology+

Applying the truths of the faith to the complexities of life is not a matter of logic alone... But if they stretch truth to the breaking point, they’re unlikely to be pastorally effective.

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Fake history+

It does Pope Francis no good service to demean his two predecessors as rigid ideologues.

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The Persecution of Professor Esolen+

Catholic higher education is uniquely positioned to do something about these twinned problems of historical amnesia and political-cultural corruption.

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The end of an era, the interment of an event+

The Al Smith Dinner has become the Al Smith Embarrassment. It’s time to give thanks for what it once did – and then give it a decent burial.

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Speaking of “deplorables”….+

The Republic is in deep trouble.

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The Vatican, China and evangelical prudence+

Recent remarks by the Vatican’s Secretary of State have fueled speculation about a possible exchange of diplomatic representation between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China.

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Catholicism’s empty quarter+

Québec, a flourishing Catholic region for centuries, is now Catholicism’s empty quarter in the Western Hemisphere.

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On not settling for mediocrity+

The Catholic Difference by George Weigel

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There are not “two popes”+

Whatever else a “pope emeritus” may be, he is emphatically not “the pope.”

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