Recalling Detective McDonald’s 2014 visit to Deer Park School+

McDonald told students that holding things like anger, revenge or hatred in your heart can be as damaging as a bullet, only spiritually rather than physically.

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Heroes of Religious Liberty+

We profess to be daughters of the Church – how could we not uphold her teachings, especially when they touch on something as basic as the right to life?

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Keeping Elders Connected, a Work of Mercy+

What better way could there be to celebrate the Jubilee of Mercy than spending time with our elderly loved ones or neighbors?

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‘Risen’ helps revive the biblical epic+

"Risen" is aimed both at believers and at those who may be lacking in faith.

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No One Should Have No One at Christmas+

Pope Francis: A people incapable of caring for children and caring for the elderly is a people without a future.

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