The Summer Reading List+

The vacation season is an opportunity to escape TwitterWorld and do some serious reading.

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How to promote religious liberty+

It is our acts of love that will overcome the obvious hostility toward sincere religious beliefs that threatens peace and unity in our pluralistic society.

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Governor’s Cuts for Mandated Educational Services Don’t Add Up+

The state’s Catholic bishops were “extremely disappointed” by Cuomo’s veto of the bipartisan legislation, which “will have serious impact on our schools and tuition-paying families.”

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Superheroes and the Power of Love+

I believe that God is calling the Church today, and each of us, to open our arms, reach out and draw all those on the peripheries of society into our circle of love.

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Recalling Detective McDonald’s 2014 visit to Deer Park School+

McDonald told students that holding things like anger, revenge or hatred in your heart can be as damaging as a bullet, only spiritually rather than physically.

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Heroes of Religious Liberty+

We profess to be daughters of the Church – how could we not uphold her teachings, especially when they touch on something as basic as the right to life?

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Keeping Elders Connected, a Work of Mercy+

What better way could there be to celebrate the Jubilee of Mercy than spending time with our elderly loved ones or neighbors?

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‘Risen’ helps revive the biblical epic+

"Risen" is aimed both at believers and at those who may be lacking in faith.

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No One Should Have No One at Christmas+

Pope Francis: A people incapable of caring for children and caring for the elderly is a people without a future.

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