Praying for our priests+

Remember a diocesan priest and seminarian each day with special calendar.

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Runway to heaven: Vatican, The Met piece together faith and fashion+

The exhibit will be spread over three locations in Manhattan May 10-Oct. 8, making it "a veritable pilgrimage" for visitors and disciples of faith and fashion.

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Giving up, doing extra, or both, Lent is not one size fits all+

Many find a combination of giving up and doing more is the right balance for Lent.

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Living by church’s calendar at home draws families closer to saints, Mass+

The first Sunday in Advent marks the beginning of a new church year, and for some Catholic families, the liturgical "New Year" is tied to special traditions at home.

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Guiding ‘starets’: Russian youths discover Orthodox monasticism+

"Monasticism is a spiritual root of the Orthodox Church that nourishes the whole body,"

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In Russia, Orthodox artists work to revive religious sensibility+

Andrey Antonov, a Russian Orthodox artist and sculptor, combines traditional peasant tools, like nails and sickles, as well as household items into cruciform objects and Christian-themed sculptures. He is pictured in his Moscow studio May 26. (CNS photo/Robert Duncan)  Third...

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Holy Russia? Believers debate Putin’s record as a Christian leader+

A recent study found that 85 percent of Russians believe "a strong Russia is necessary to balance the influence of the West."

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100 years after Russian revolution, Christianity faces new challenges+

In Russia, even government officials are now embracing Orthodoxy in public, and Russian culture and art are being transformed with new Christian influences.

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Pray for our priests and seminarians+

Click for September's calendar

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Looking back at month of Communions and Crownings+

May was the month of First Communions and May Crownings throughout the diocese. Here are some photos capturing the happy moments and one special “throwback” photo thanks to Carol Peise of St. Hyacinth, Glen Head, who shared the photo above....

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