Holy Russia? Believers debate Putin’s record as a Christian leader+

A recent study found that 85 percent of Russians believe "a strong Russia is necessary to balance the influence of the West."

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100 years after Russian revolution, Christianity faces new challenges+

In Russia, even government officials are now embracing Orthodoxy in public, and Russian culture and art are being transformed with new Christian influences.

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Pray for our priests and seminarians+

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Looking back at month of Communions and Crownings+

May was the month of First Communions and May Crownings throughout the diocese. Here are some photos capturing the happy moments and one special “throwback” photo thanks to Carol Peise of St. Hyacinth, Glen Head, who shared the photo above....

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Parishes, online tools, quiet times can take Lenten prayer up a notch+

If the abundance of tools or events to guide people in prayer are overwhelming, Catholics also can turn to an approach advised by some spiritual leaders: finding quiet time.

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Lent: 40 days of prayer, fasting, almsgiving to ‘jump-start’ one’s faith+

"The challenge is to move from the Lenten discipline appropriate for children to the Lenten discipline that's appropriate for adults."

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Ash Wednesday: Ancient tradition still thrives in modern times+

Ash Wednesday can be a little bit like New Year's Day -- a place to clearly begin something new that we know we need to do.

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Vatican Letter: Pope sees God of surprises at work in 2016+

Pope Francis described 2016 as a "packed year," one full of initiatives that helped Catholics "see and touch with their hands the fruits of the mercy of God."

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In final interview, Florence Henderson said Catholic faith was her foundation+

'I don't ever remember not praying. ... It was a natural part of our lives.'

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Unlike World Series, bishops’ bet has winners in both cities+

While only one team could win, poor people in both cities will win as a result of friendly wager.

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