Guiding ‘starets’: Russian youths discover Orthodox monasticism+

"Monasticism is a spiritual root of the Orthodox Church that nourishes the whole body,"

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In Russia, Orthodox artists work to revive religious sensibility+

Andrey Antonov, a Russian Orthodox artist and sculptor, combines traditional peasant tools, like nails and sickles, as well as household items into cruciform objects and Christian-themed sculptures. He is pictured in his Moscow studio May 26. (CNS photo/Robert Duncan)  Third...

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Holy Russia? Believers debate Putin’s record as a Christian leader+

A recent study found that 85 percent of Russians believe "a strong Russia is necessary to balance the influence of the West."

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100 years after Russian revolution, Christianity faces new challenges+

In Russia, even government officials are now embracing Orthodoxy in public, and Russian culture and art are being transformed with new Christian influences.

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