2018 Lenten Video Series

February 14Prayer, Fasting and Alms Giving:  The Way to a meaningful Lent.

February 15Deny Self, Pick up Cross, Follow Me: The Road of Discipleship

February 16: Fasting and Abstinence: The Gift of Fridays

February 17: Lent and Healing: Celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation

February 18: The Desert: 40 days of Christ and the Deserts of our life

February 19: Matthew 25: “ When did we see you?”

February 20: The Lord’s Prayer  – Our irrevocable connection with Father, Son and Spirit

February 21: Seeking a Sign – The Spiritual life and signs…no GPS!

February 22: Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, Apostle

February 23: Forgiveness…From the Heart – Forgiving and Forgetting

February 24: Praying for the Enemies: Who are they and where are they!?

February 25 :Transfiguration: Lord it is good for us to be here, but we must go!

February 26: Measure by which your measure will be returned to you: The Love you take Equals the Love you Make!

February 27: Humility and Places of Honor–What is it to be humble and the place of honor for the humble!

February 28: Mother of James and John: A Mother’s Love

March 1: Lazarus and Table Scraps: Where do we see Lazarus today? How can we change history?

March 2: The Stone which the Builders Rejected. Rejection in this world, be steadfast!

March 3: The Memorial of St. Katherine Drexel

March 4: The 10 Commandments: Rules Monopoly? Money Changers; the awe in the house of God

March 5: Cleansing of Naaman: Sacrament of Reconciliation: Being freed by God’s forgiveness

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