Friday, January 22nd, marks the 43 anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.  Join others from the diocese and across the country in Washington, D.C., on that day to witness in support of life for the most vulnerable.

We’re often led to believe that Roe v. Wade merely legalized abortion in the first three months of pregnancy. The trouble is that  the Roe Court actually said abortion must be allowed for any reason in the next three months as well. It then said laws against abortion must have a broad health exception even in the final “trimester,” but only described its breadth in the little known companion case, Doe v. Bolton, decided the same day. In Doe, the Court announced that health, for the purposes of late-term abortion law, would be synonymous with the mother’s “physical, emotional, psychological, familial … well being”-in other words, every reason a pregnant woman could give for seeking an abortion in the first place.

If you need individual transportation to the March for Life please contact Respect Life Office, Diana Tellis: (516) 678-5800 x 626, Complete information  on the March and diocesan meet-up spots is available on the diocesan Respect Life Website (