Children once again were “Following the Son” to Vacation Bible School at Infant Jesus RC Church is Port Jefferson. Over 100 children entered through the doors of the wardrobe into Narnia, a land that is “always winter, never Christmas.” They learned about a land where Mercy, Love Himself, was not welcome.

Scroll down for a slideshow from the program

Approximately 150 teens and college students – yes, more volunteer helpers than students – led the program.

Each day began with a skit (Day One: The characters from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe tell how Narnia came to be, correlating it with the story of Creation with appearances from Adam, Eve and even the snake). Children rotated through stations where they had snowball (sponge) fights warding off the evil white witch as they made it through the obstacles that keep them from Mass; water tosses, obstacles courses leading from Narnia to Aslan; Works of Mercy relay, etc.

The children made arts and crafts including with making Divine Mercy/Rosary beads and fleece blankets to be donated. During Lessons the students learned about giving and receiving mercy — through prayer, time with Mercy Himself (Adoration), and works of Mercy.