Carl Anderson (CNS photo/courtesy Knights of Columbus)


WASHINGTON (CNS) — Protecting “the innocent is a matter of justice that imposes an obligation on all members of society,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, adding that abortion is not just another U.S. political issue.

“It is time to stop creating excuses for voting for pro-abortion politicians,” he said. “I do not see how it is possible to find another issue that can ‘balance’ the devastation of 50 million human beings killed by abortion,” he told Catholic News Service in an email Aug. 10.

“There simply is no other moral issue of that magnitude confronting us today. … Catholics should draw a bright line between themselves and abortion by refusing to vote for any candidate who supports abortion rights.” He added, “We will never build a culture of life by voting for politicians who support a culture of death. It is time we make the right to life non-negotiable.”

Anderson made the comments in response to questions from CNS sent as a follow-up to his report to the 134th international convention of the Knights of Columbus in Toronto, held Aug. 2-4. In that report Anderson also highlighted the organization’s charitable contributions, its protection of Catholic families, the need to defend religious liberty at home and around the world, and the Knights advocacy work on behalf of persecuted Christians in the Middle East.