You can watch previous episodes in the series here.

July 3  Introduction to Series  (Based on July—August Long Island Catholic column. Read it here.)

July 5  Keeping our Lives on Track as the Train Tracks are repaired

July 6  The Courageously Chaste Spirit of St. Maria Goretti inspires us at Moments of Challenge and Frustration

July 7  A Missionary Mysticism in the Teeming Crowds at Penn Station

July 10  The Catholic Spirituality of being good in a crisis

July 11  A Catholic Spirituality of Prayer and Work

July 12  Getting to Confession in Manhattan and on Long Island

July 13 The Cross of Christ expanding and deepening our Patience at Penn Station and in our Families and Places of Work

July 14 The Pope Francis  challenge to pick up our Bibles as often as we pick up our phones

July 17 Being part of the solution rather than being part of the problem

July 18 Purification of our control-freak tendencies

July 19 Purification of our control-freak tendencies – 2

July 20 Catholic saints who walked through Penn Station and the train platforms of  Long Island