May I join Cardinal Dolan in expressing my appreciation to all those who worked so hard, prayed so fervently and rallied so enthusiastically for the Education Tax Proposal which, to my great disappointment, did not become law as it should have in this legislative session in Albany.


I would be ungrateful if I did not thank first of all Senator John Flanagan of Northport, the Senate Leader, for the constant support and encouragement he and the Senate majority, including all the State Senators of Long Island, gave to this proposal which is based not just on need but on justice. My thanks as well to the Long island Assembly persons who supported the measure.


At the same time I thank Governor Cuomo, Senator Flanagan and Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie for placing in the budget $250 million dollars to begin to reimburse Catholic and other schools across the state for the mandated services that the States demands of all schools. While this money has been owed us because of state laws, only now has the State given us a significant and highly appreciated amount of money to redress this need.


As the legislative session comes to a close I promise to the Governor and all the State Senators and Assembly members my continued prayers for them and for their commitment to the common good. I assure all of you that we will be back in Albany in next year’s session to rally support and seek votes to pass the Education Tax Credit Bill in 2016.