When I was in Albany to offer a prayer for the opening of the Senate thanks to Sen. Skelos, I had a chance to stop by Assemblyman Bob Sweeney of Lindenhurst’s office. In our chat I asked him to consider being a co-sponsor of the Education Tax Investment Credit Bill. I called his attention to the fact that this allows tax credits for individuals and corporations who contribute to the support of schools, public or private, religiously based or not, including our Catholic schools, k-12. Before I left Albany he had added his name to the Republican and 10 Democratic Assembly members from Long Island who are co-sponsors of this bill. My thanks to all of them.

I invite all of you to send your support for this bill to the Assembly persons of your districts. Check the website: www.investinED.org which gives you all the information you need and shows you how you can add your name to a petition of support for this bill which, once it is law, will greatly help all schools but especially our Catholic schools here on Long Island. Do it now if you can!