Lent and Healing+

Celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation

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Giving up, doing extra, or both, Lent is not one size fits all+

Many find a combination of giving up and doing more is the right balance for Lent.

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Bishop Barres’ Lenten Letter+

'In order to better welcome the Resurrected Jesus into our hearts, a solid Lenten spirituality, grounded in prayer, fasting and almsgiving for the needs of the Church and the World, is essential.'

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Lent: 40 days of prayer, fasting, almsgiving to ‘jump-start’ one’s faith+

"The challenge is to move from the Lenten discipline appropriate for children to the Lenten discipline that's appropriate for adults."

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A Lent to remember+

Visiting the 'station churches' in Rome added new perspective on Lent.

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Ash Wednesday: Ancient tradition still thrives in modern times+

Ash Wednesday can be a little bit like New Year's Day -- a place to clearly begin something new that we know we need to do.

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Challenges and hope+

It isn’t God’s will that the way be easy.. But He does want us to be in the fight, day after day.

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