Don’t treat confessional like a dry cleaners, pope says+

If the Lord has forgiven me so much, who am I to not forgive?

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Joy in tribulation is mark of a true Christian, pope says+

While he assures his disciples that those who have given up everything for the sake of the Gospel will be rewarded a hundredfold, Jesus also says those who follow him will endure persecution.

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Pope advises talking less, listening more to counteract vitriol+

The tendency to de-personalize others, which starts in one's own heart, at home, grows and grows and it will become violence worldwide.

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Pope Francis: God gives us our identity as His children+

Whether they resemble their father a lot or just a little bit, they are still his children.

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Vatican Letter: Pope sees God of surprises at work in 2016+

Pope Francis described 2016 as a "packed year," one full of initiatives that helped Catholics "see and touch with their hands the fruits of the mercy of God."

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When times are tough, rant at God, don’t run from trouble, pope says+

Praying with genuine candor and honesty, the way a child pours out his emotions to his father, is how we must pray in the most terrible, desolate, crushing moments.

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Pope leads 11,000 pilgrims praying rosary for quake victims+

The pope had prepared a normal audience talk, but given the devastation in central Italy, he decided to lead the recitation of the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary.

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Pope: Narrow gate of mercy difficult to enter with bloated pride+

Christians "must seize the opportunities of salvation" and not waste time on trivial things before the gate is closed,

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Too many couples do not understand marriage is for life, pope says+

"The crisis of marriage is because people do not know what the sacrament is, the beauty of the sacrament; they do not know that it is indissoluble, that it is for one's entire life."

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In Mexico, pope warns against diminishing importance of family+

I prefer a wounded family that makes daily efforts to put love into play to a society that is sick from isolationism and is habitually afraid of love,

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