If you would like to know more of the thinking and spirit of Pope Francis, I highly recommend the book “On Heaven and Earth.” This is an account of conversations between Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (then Archbishop of Buenos Aires) and Rabbi Abraham Skorka. They cover a wide variety of topics in a very pastoral and spiritual way.

It was first published in Spanish in 2010 and translated into English recently. Pope Francis has captured the attention and the hearts of many people since his election as our Holy Father. His simplicity and his humility are also evident in these conversations. You will encounter a very pastoral shepherd of his people.

The fact of this conversation with a rabbi is itself very revealing. His long standing friendship with Rabbi Skorka and their collaboration not only in this conversation but in the pastoral care of people will bear great fruit in his pontificate. I find myself going back to certain topics to study more carefully what is being said. There are several books in the making on Pope Francis. “On Heaven and Earth” is well worth the read.