The beautiful hungry caterpillar+

‘Kindness matters. Laughter is essential. Caring for each other is everything.’

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What I learned from the cherry blossoms+

As we journey through life’s ups and downs, God teaches us to look on traumatic events in a positive way.

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Staying connected with seniors in a time of ‘social distancing’+

If the seniors you know are interested in using social media to stay in contact with family and friends, offer to help them set it up.

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How to promote religious liberty+

It is our acts of love that will overcome the obvious hostility toward sincere religious beliefs that threatens peace and unity in our pluralistic society.

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Superheroes and the Power of Love+

I believe that God is calling the Church today, and each of us, to open our arms, reach out and draw all those on the peripheries of society into our circle of love.

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Heroes of Religious Liberty+

We profess to be daughters of the Church – how could we not uphold her teachings, especially when they touch on something as basic as the right to life?

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