Civil Discourse and the Common Good+

This Advent season is a particularly appropriate time for all of us to give new thought and reflection on ... our own tendencies to use language that is argumentative, polarizing and demeaning of others.

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When a Catholic Votes+

With Election Day just two weeks away, the decisions you and I will make are important ones. Each and every one of us has a very important role to play.

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Bishop’s Blog: Canonization of Saint Teresa a celebration of Mother’s love+

'In the end what will matter is whether or not we sought to be faithful.'

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Bishop: World Youth Day pilgrims changed my life for better+

All of us can be proud of the youth of our diocese. Trust them. Encourage them in their faith and in living out that faith. Pray with them and for them.

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On the way to WYD, Bishop Murphy asks for prayers+

May the Lord make them in these days committed instruments of His peace, a peace and joy they will bring back home to all of us.

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Priest’s murder in France prompts prayer, reflection on what we believe in+

Without a sense of God and the redemption of His Son... we too will end up believing in nothing and submitting to whatever is the predominant power of the day.

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World Orthodox Church leaders to gather for synod+

I would like to ask all of us in the Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre to join in daily prayer this coming week for the success of this important ecclesial event.

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Women deacons? What the Pope said and what it means+

If I have a choice, I would want to model our behavior on the apostles, not American politics.

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Refugees in Iraq hope to rebuild their lives+

Bishop Murphy traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan this week on a pastoral visit to that region’s displaced Christian families.

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Bishop Murphy on Brussels Attack+

We pray and will never cease praying for peace. At the same time legitimate governments have the solemn duty to provide their citizens with safety and protection from enemies within and without.

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