We have only to believe in our hearts and profess with our lips that Jesus Christ is Lord!

This blog gives me a chance to call your attention to some of the events that have happened or will happen in our beloved Diocese of Rockville Centre or beyond.  I will be happy to receive any comments or reactions, thoughts or suggestion you may want to email back to me.

Hurricane Sandy has been a test of faith and courage.  Some lives were lost and we mourn them and pray for them.  Too many have lost homes and there have been all kinds of loss.  But these are things and we can and will replace them and move on.  The way we move on is critical.  And to date I am deeply humbled and very proud to see the courage and generosity of so many of you.  Even when you yourself have been facing devastation and loss, you have reached out you one another.  You showed your goodness.  You prayed for one another.  You gave us all new hope and, with God’s love and guidance, we will re-build and re-new.  All my colleagues in the Diocese and Catholic Charities have been extraordinary.  Every other day there is a conference call to coordinate our efforts as Church on Ling Island.  In addition to clothing, cleaning supplies, household necessities, volunteers from our high schools and colleges have helped clear out houses and distribute donated goods from our neighbors and from around the country.  The parishes have been so generous.  To the first $50,000 from the Diocese we have added over $800,000 from you.  The pastors are responding to those with immediate needs just as we did after September 11. I have joked with my brother bishops that at first there was a pressing need for new underwear.  I have never written a check for so much underwear in my life!

May God bless all those who are still struggling and may God bless all of you who have been so generous!