Thank you Holy Father, for clarifying norm on Holy Thursday Liturgy+

The Pope has resolved in a very positive way a certain doubt that lingered among some of our brothers and sisters about what is permitted or not.

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Consider Attending Conference on Opposition to Assisted Suicide+

It is urgent that all people of good will understand the issue of assisted suicide and the Church's guidance that respects all life from the moment of conception through natural death.

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National Gathering Helps Bishops Refine Approach to Pastoral Issues+

New four-year plan; documents on pornography, political responsibility approved.

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Bishop’s Blog: Collegial Spirit during Second Week of Synod+

Continue to pray with me for the Pope and the Synodal Fathers as they complete their pastoral service of leadership for the Church.

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Update on First week of Synod on Families+

"The work of this Synod needs to show much more confidence in the Word of God, the transformative power of grace, and the ability of people to actually live what the Church believes." --Archbishop Chaput

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Bishop Murphy to Welcome Pope to MSG Mass+

Read his brief history of the papacy and his welcome to the Holy Father.

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Year of Mercy and Absolution for Sin of Abortion+

In the Rockville Centre diocese, Bishop Murphy and all three of his predecessors have already given that special faculty to all priests.

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Four points of action recommended in response to Planned Parenthood+

The tragic reality of abortion on demand in our nation is a black mark on us as a society and an evil that can never be overlooked.

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Bishop’s Blog: Cardinal Baum was Great Churchman, Inspiration, Friend+

All who knew him came under the spell of his quiet, holy demeanor.

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State budget: No tax credit yet, but mandate reimbursement appreciated+

'We will be back in Albany in next year’s session to rally support and seek votes to pass the Education Tax Credit Bill in 2016.'

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