Lebanese sanctuary where Mary, Jesus rested is ‘very holy land’+

Muslims and Christians alike visit the shrine.

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Praying for our priests+

Remember a diocesan priest and seminarian each day with special calendar.

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Holocaust’s ‘righteous’ need to be remembered, too, survivor’s son says+

The number of Holocaust survivors is dwindling but so, too, are those "righteous Gentiles" who saved Jews who were almost certain to perish.

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Catholic sculptor hopes to inspire with his liturgical art+

I see my calling, my vocation as an artist is to resurrect the Christian tradition in the visual arts.

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Three new books explain pope’s approach to facing world’s tribulations+

Books by Pope Francis provide guidance and encouragement for readers.

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Game Review: Wanderlight, a faith formation video game+

Players encounter priests, nuns and biblical figures as well as such notable saints as Francis of Assisi, Ignatius Loyola and Frances Xavier Cabrini.

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Filmmaker led to church by Fatima now bringing its story to big screen+

Now, in a world not rocked by a world war but by pandemic, fear, discrimination, and division, the visionaries' message of prayer and peace is as relevant as ever.

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Saintly caution: Church’s reputation on the line when judging sanctity+

"Not only is the judgment on a person's holiness at stake here, but the credibility of the church itself."

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Look to Mary when feeling helpless, advise Poor Clares in New Orleans+

Giving the Poor Clares their built-in rhythm is the Liturgy of the Hours, which provides readings and prayers at various times of the day.

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Longing for Communion can be exercise in spiritual growth, Jesuit says+

"Fasting is a sacrifice, but it can be a moment for growth,"

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