Marriage and the natural law+

To understand the larger “yes” into which is incorporated the Church’s “no” to same sex marriage, one must understand the concept of God’s natural law.

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Republicans right to hold the line against abortion funding in human trafficking bill+

The administration has at least twice before put promotion of abortion ahead of efforts to combat human trafficking.

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Life and death, faith and politics in Cuomoworld+

So what was the difference between being able to impose one’s Catholic beliefs on others through law, in order to stop the death penalty, and not being permitted to do so to protect unborn children?

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Tuesday we vote!+

All of us, as Catholic voters, will make our own choices when we go to the polls on Tuesday. I only urge that as we do, we consider all of these critical issues and current policy questions in light of...

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This Catholic is inspired, not “alienated,” by foreign-born priests+

Is the Eucharist -– the “source and summit” of our faith –- any less the body and blood of Jesus Christ, because the celebrant’s words of consecration are uttered in less than perfect English?

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Rice, Blakeman compete for pro-abortion bragging rights+

Neither of them identifies the reality of the “choice” they are promoting: the choice to destroy the most defenseless of human lives.

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Political corruption poisons democracy+

Corruption is a cancer in the body politic of a democracy.

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Baseball, childbirth, and sports talk blowhards+

In the first days after the baby is born a father's presence is not primarily to “sit there and look at (our) wife in the hospital bed.”

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Who is really obsessed with abortion and contraception?+

The president would rather Americans have no health insurance, than that they have health insurance that does not include mandated payments for abortions and contraceptives.

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Obamacare promoters sink to lowest common denominator+

Is this the low opinion the Obamacare folks have of America’s young women and men?

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