Pictured: Back row, from left: Sister Joan Fry, RSM, 60 years; Sister Mary Spratt, r.c., 60 years; Sister Mary Catherine Hamm, SC, 50 years; Sister Elizabeth Mary Wallace, IHM, 60 years; Front row, from left: Sister Adeline Fishwick, CIJ, 60 years; Sister Virginia McKenna, RSHM, 60 years; Sister Alice Benedict, DW, 60 years; Sister Anne McGovern, SC, 65 years; Sister M. Lorraine Studley, IHM, 50 years.

On November 19, 2016, the Diocese of Rockville Centre honored and celebrated the lives and dedicated service of 90 men and women religious celebrating their jubilee years. The list of honorees follows:

Brothers of the Christian School

50 Years

Brother Charles Nuzzo, FSC

Cenacle Sisters

60 Years

Sister Mary Spratt, r.c

Congregation of the Infant Jesus

75 Years

Sister Mary Noel Boylan, CIJ

60 Years

Sister Adeline Fishwick, CIJ

 Sister Theresa Graf, CIJ

Daughters of Wisdom

70 Years

Sister Mary Clancy, D.W.

Sister Virginia Cunniff, D.W.

Sister Rosemary Gaffney, D.W.

Sister Mary Eileen McCarthy, D.W.

Sister Eileen McGowan, D.W.

60 Years

Sister Alice Benedict, D.W.

Sister Emelda Parent, D.W.

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary

50 Years

Sister Virginia McKenna, RSHM

Sisters of Charity-Halifax

65 Years

Sister Anne McGovern, SC

50 Years

Sister Mary Katherine Hamm, SC


Sisters of Mercy-Mid-Atlantic Community

75 Years

Sister Marion Lenihan, RSM

70 Years

Sister Mary Donald Kelly, RSM

Sister Mary Albert Page, RSM

60 Years

Sister Sheila Browne, RSM

Sister Mary Dowden, RSM

Sister Joan Fry, RSM

Sister Patricia Gimblett, RSM

Sister Mary Ann Noonan, RSM

50 Years

Sister Grace Leggio Agate, RSM

Sister Maureen McDade, RSM

Sisters of St. Joseph

75 Years

Sister Joan Monica Bolte, CSJ

 70 Years

Sister Lucy Hobbs, CSJ

Sister Claire Veronica Kobe, CSJ

Sister Margaret Michel Lynch, CSJ

Sister Ave Maria Maickel, CSJ

Sister Virginia Immaculate Murthum, CSJ

Sister Mary Sheridan, CSJ

Sister Marie de Monfort Shields, CSJ

Sister Patricia Sweeney, CSJ

Sister Theresa Rose Sweeney, CSJ

Sister Laurette Wieman, CSJ

 60 Years

Sister Maureen Catherine Ashe, CSJ

Sister Eileen Elizabeth Barden, CSJ

Sister Maura Theresa Costello, CSJ

Sister Catherine Agnes Cunningham, CSJ

Sister Phyllis Theresa Franzo, CSJ

Sister Patricia Grant, CSJ

Sister Elizabeth Looney, CSJ

Sister Mary Teresa Molloy, CSJ

Sister Miriam Lucille Montella, CSJ

Sister Miriam Anna Morgan, CSJ

Sister Veronica Murtha, CSJ

Sister Mary Elizabeth Ryan, CSJ

50 Years

Sister Patricia Berliner, CSJ

Sister Katherine Ann Murphy, CSJ

Dominican Sisters

80 Years

Sister Mary Georgine  Ayers,  OP

Sister Kathleen Frances Lindsay, OP

75 Years

Sister Evamarie Gillcrist, OP

Sister Miriam Grennan, OP

Sister Lorraine Mahoney, OP

Sister Mary Dismas Marschhauser, OP

Sister Mary Ferrer McLean, OP

Sister Marie Therese Murphy, OP

Sister Ann Louise Tufano, OP

70 Years

Sister Margaret Mary Althisar, OP

Sister Beata Berger, OP

Sister Ann Kathleen Bolton, OP

Sister Veronica M. Greeley, OP

Sister Theresa Kilcommons, OP

Sister Joan McDonald,  OP

Sister Kathleen Murphy, OP

60 Years

Sister Marie Danaher, OP

Sister Jean Dominici DeMaria, OP

Sister Dorothy Egan, OP

Sister Mary Anna Euring, OP

Sister Mary Janet Evrard, OP

Sister Anne Catherine Fitzgerald, OP

Sister Dorothy Anne Fitzgibbons, OP

Sister Jean Albert Fry, OP

Sister Cecilia Gutmann, OP

Sister Joan Mary Hepburn, OP

Sister Margaret Mary Idoe, OP

Sister Virginia Monahan, OP

Sister Elizabeth Nickels, OP

Sister Jean Peter Olsen, OP

Sister Denise Paul, OP

Sister Mary Jane Phillips, OP

50 Years

Sister Lorraine McDonald,  OP

Sister Ann Horn, OP

Sister Joy Castiglione, OP

Sister Patricia Duffy, OP

 25 Years

Sister Diane Capuano, OP

Sister Rosemary Jermusyk, OP

Sister Mary Rose Galloy, OP

Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

60 Years

Sister Elizabeth Mary Wallace, IHM

 50 Years

Sister M. Ann Barbara DeSiano, IHM

Sister M. Lorraine Studley, IHM

Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk

80 Years

Sister Cecilia Moloughney, OSU

75 Years

Sister Carmel Ruth, OSU