Good News for Catholic school parents and for Catholic schools across New York state. The leadership of the Senate, headed by Sen. Dean Skelos, along with the other legislative leaders and the governor have agreed to an increase in funding for Catholic and other religious and independent schools by $13.5 million over what the governor proposed in his January budget. This includes an additional $9 million to finance the CAP (Comprehensive Attendance Policy) program as well as $4.5 million in new funding for school safety grants after the Newtown, Conn. tragedy.

This is a step forward not just in the amount of the funds but, we hope, a new attitude that recognizes that Catholic, other religious and independent schools should have their fair share of special funding for mandated services and for services that benefit all school children wherever they go to school. This action rectifies previous shortfalls on CAP. Religious and independent schools received just over $94 million in Mandated Services Aid in this year’s budget as well as $43.5 million for CAP reimbursement. If you have a chance, e-mail, write or personally thank your Assembly person or state senator including the leader, Rockville Centre, Majority Leader, Dean Skelos.

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