Students at Our Lady of Mercy School, Hicksville, participated in an Easter prayer service that was held at the school Wednesday of Holy Week.  It has become a tradition at the school to spend the last morning before Easter break in prayer. After the entire student body and many invited guests took part in a traditional Seder celebration, they assembled in the gym to “meet” some of the people who were at the crucifixion and listen to the role each one of them played. During the service, students were asked to think about which person they would have related to… Peter, Pilate, Mary Magdalene, Judas, Caiphas, or Mary. A group of eighth graders performed a liturgical dance, and the service ended with the students celebrating the Resurrection as they sang, “Join in the dance of the earth’s jubilation! This is the feast of the love of God. Shout from the heights to the ends of creation. Jesus the Savior is risen from the grave. ”