Over 2,400 middle school students from across Long Island had a day of learning disguised as fun at Technology Days 2016 at Adventureland in Farmingdale October 13 and 14.

Technology Day challenges students to use the skills they learn in multiple classes, and apply those skills to complete a workbook with a variety of questions about ride design and operation. Each student was given a workbook which they complete in teams. Teachers had pre-event training  to help them connect the park activities to the classroom activities.

“The park is pretty unique on Technology Day,” said Emily Guarnieri, technology director for the Diocese of Rockville Centre. “There are students working in small groups everywhere you look, measuring, triangulating height and exploring engineering design principles such as structure, safety and accessibility.” The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Rockville Centre were the largest group participating in the event, representing 37 of the 50 participating schools.