Tell lawmakers: Don’t come home without the Education Tax Credit

In the final days of this legislative session in Albany, supporters of the Education Tax Credit are leading the fight to enact the Education Tax Credit through the  governor’s plan, called the Parental Choice in Education Act.  The Act will  help keep Catholic schools affordable by providing $150 million in education tax credits annually that will provide:

Tax credits directly to low-income families who send their children to Catholic and other schools,

Scholarships to students from low- and middle-income families to attend a school of their choice,

Donations to public schools for enhanced educational programming,

Tax credits to teachers for their out-of-pocket classroom expenses.

Watch an ad about this issue  from Invest in Ed NY here: Education Investment Tax Credit

Now is the time to contact state legislators before they break.  Students and parents in our diocesan Catholic schools are writing letters and making phone calls to urge their representatives to support the Act and to thank those who are already supporting it. They will be holding rallies in support over the next few weeks.

You can easily contact your local reps through the New York State Catholic Conference Action Center at

You will need to first sign up for the Action Network, a one-time process that will save your information for future advocacy issues.

Some background on the Education Investment Tax Credit Bill:

  • The bill has passed in the Senate twice.

  • The Governor is now backing it, as well.

  • Most LI legislators are behind the Bill in both the House and Senate

  • Some of the local Assembly members are not sponsoring or supporting the Bill