In recent years, Newsday seems to have taken significant strides away from the reflexive (some would say knee-jerk) liberalism that for decades characterized not only its commentary, but all too often its news reporting as well.

Not that the paper has become reflexively conservative, which would not be desirable either. But on issues ranging from school choice, to taxes and spending, the size and scope of government, economic policy – even in its endorsements of candidates – Newsday seems to have become more nuanced and balanced.
Not so, however, on the issue of abortion – as evidenced by Newsday’s full blown endorsement, not only of Gov. Cuomo’s extremist pro-abortion proposal, but also of the governor’s outrageous distortions of the bill’s consequences.

One could be forgiven for concluding that Newsday is allowing the governor’s press office to craft its headlines, “news” articles and editorials on this bill, as they parrot Cuomo’s false assertion that his proposal would simply ensure that New York – the abortion capital of the world – will continue to comply with Roe v. Wade.

In fact, as has been well-documented, this proposal would take us far beyond the extremes even of that 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. It would, for example, require taxpayer funding of abortion, which Roe does not; it would allow non-physicians to perform abortions, something not mandated by Roe; it would undermine conscience protections – permitted by Roe – for religious institutions opposed to abortion; and it would go well beyond the requirements of Roe in permitting widespread access to late term abortions, even as the entire nation – jaded though we are by more than 40 years of abortion carnage – recoils with revulsion at the revelations about convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell’s late term abortion “house of horrors.”

Some years ago, Newsday chided pro-life members of Congress for their efforts to pass an abortion conscience protection bill. They were, Newsday insisted, being “damaging,” “divisive” and “cynical” in distracting the nation from the really important issues of the day, including “war abroad and security at home.”

It’s a different story, however, when it comes to promoting pro-abortion legislation. Newsday clearly sees no problem with Gov. Cuomo’s political use of the abortion issue to solidify the left wing of his desired national presidential base, and to distract attention from New York’s stagnant economy, high unemployment rate, and the culture of ethical and moral corruption that permeates state government. And what could be more “cynical” than the governor’s initial packaging of this pro-abortion extremism within a “Women’s Equality Act” that includes many positive provisions, such as protections against human trafficking –a tactic he has now abandoned, separating out the abortion plank from the bill’s other provisions, after his ploy backfired and jeopardized passage of the entire bill.

Yet the radical abortion expansion proposal still looms, now designated as bill S. 5881. Don’t be fooled by Newsday’s or the governor’s distortions of this bill’s effects or its motivations. Please reiterate, to Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and your own state senator, your support for Sen. Skelos’ commitment to block this extremist bill from passage.