On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo released his ten point proposal on equality for women. Nine of the ten are worth considering. The tenth is a radical attempt to expand the protection of abortion at demand up to the very last weeks of pregnancy.

If passed, it not only will enshrine abortion on demand in state law, it also would eliminate protections that at least theoretically exist in the current federal regulations including the Hyde Amendment. Particularly disturbing is the removal of any restrictions on abortions and Penal Laws which in effect would open up the possibility of non doctors performing abortions and even fewer possibilities for protecting women against the malpractice actions of doctors like Dr. Gosnell who was recently convicted in Philadelphia.
The bishops of NY state published a statement that very day which can be found here.  Allison O’Brien and our Respect Life Committee along with our Public Policy Committee will be doing all we can to make our voices heard in opposition to this abortion expansion proposal.

The Governor and his allies are well organized. We have to be united in supporting the legislators who will fight for us. We are blessed that Senator Skelos, the Senate Majority Leader is with us 100%. We are also fortunate that all the Long Island senators are with us. But Senator Skelos and the LI senators cannot do it alone. They need us to let our assemblypersons know where we stand.

I have sent the bishops’ statement to all the pastors to have it read at all the Masses this weekend. We will be asking you to raise your voice and contact your legislators. Be attentive to the parish bulletins, this blog and the diocesan website as well as the NY State Catholic Conference website, www.nyscatholic.org. The next two weeks are crucial. Together we can defeat this proposal. Together we can defend life in the womb and the dignity of women. With prayer and with courage, I believe we can reach that goal.

There will be a rally in Albany on June 12 and the diocese will be sponsoring a bus for those interested in attending. For more information, click here.