Is anyone else as ready for spring as I am? As you can see this is a beautiful snowfall; St. Francis of Assisi would thank God for Sister Snow as I do today. Yet it may be hard for us to appreciate that spring is near.

Though we cannot see it today, the signs of new life are already budding in the earth. Underneath this snow and camouflaged by the cold and the wind chill, the earth is preparing to bud forth. St. Paul tells us that hope that can be seen is not hope. Our faith is not in what we can see but in what we cannot see. This is what differentiates us from the secular perspective of our time which only puts its trust in what it can both see and verify.

The beauty of faith is precisely the ability to see through the gift given us that Jesus Christ burst upon the earth in an abundance of new life and refreshing hope. In the midst of winter, we can lose sight of spring. In the midst of Lent, we can lose sight of Easter.

Underneath the snow the beginnings of new life are preparing to burst forth. Good Friday will yield to Easter; out of death new life will reign upon the earth. We are people of the Resurrection. In the midst of winter and in the middle of Lent, let us not lose heart but let us allow our Lenten practices to lead us to the risen Christ.

Having said that, I can’t wait for spring!

Msgr. James M. McNamara