On Sunday, October 13, during the 11 a.m. Mass at St. Agnes Cathedral, Rockville Centre, Bishop John Barres and the Diocese of Rockville Centre honored and celebrated the lives and ministry of the consecrated religious of the diocese. Receiving special recognition were those women and men who this year are marking milestone anniversaries of their religious profession: 25, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 years, respectively. Sister Lorna Rita Strachan, 98, was the honoree with the longest tenure of ministry: 80 years of service with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood. (Photos by Gregory A. Shemitz)

See list of all jubilarians below photo gallery.


With grateful joy, the Church of the Diocese of Rockville Centre proudly honors and celebrates the lives and dedicated service of:

Congregation of the Infant Jesus

75 Years

Sister Jane Marie Durgin, CIJ

 60 Years

Sister Maureen Jordan, CIJ


Daughters of  Wisdom

70 Years

Sister Alexis MacEachen, DW

50 Years

Sister Maria Jesus Pinedo, DW


Franciscan Brothers

60 Years

Brother Edward Bacon, OSF

Brother Ferdinand Vogrin, OSF

50 Years

Brother Joshua DiMauro, OSF


Missionary Sisters of St. Benedict

25 Years

Sister Justyna Agnieszka Owsiejko, OSB


Order of Friars Minor Capuchin

60 Years

Reverend Matthias Wesnofske, OFM Cap.


Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary

60 Years

Sister Martina Crowley, RSHM


Sisters of Charity-Halifax

70 Years

Sister Angela Stodolski, SC

65 Years

Sister Carol Downing, SC

Sister Rose Annina Stehle, SC

60 Years

Sister Dolores Russo, SC


Sisters of Mercy, Mid-Atlantic

70 Years

Sister Mary Robertine Olson, RSM

60 Years

Sister Louise Cullen, RSM

Sister Barbara Faber, RSM

Sister Mary Bride Fahy, RSM


Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

70 Years

Sister Ann Julie Peters, SNDdeN


Sisters of St. Dominic, Amityville

75 Years

Sister Grace Bletsch, OP

Sister Dorothy Landers, OP

Sister Catherine Mary McGuigan, OP

Sister M. Leo Francis Monaghan, OP

Sister Theresa Monahan, OP

Sister Mary Rosilda Pataky, OP

Sister Teresa Damien Weber, OP

70 Years

Sister Elizabeth Ann Callahan, OP

Sister Frances Mary Hagzan, OP

Sister Jean Aquinas Lanahan, OP

Sister Ascension Lynch, OP

Sister Jonathan Lynch, OP

Sister Regina Rosaire Smith, OP

Sister Joan Vlaun, OP

Sister Joseph Mary Watson, OP

60 Years
Sister Mary Ash, OP

Sister Barbara Ann Auletta, OP

Sister Marilyn Breen, OP

Sister Mary Elizabeth Gavan, OP

Sister Paulette Claire Lebel, OP

Sister Kathleen McCarthy, OP

Sister Phylis O’Dowd, OP

50 Years

Sister Carmen Georgina Olivera, OP

25 Years

Sister Virginia Fleming, OP

Sister Denise Haviland, OP


Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood

80 Years

Sister Lorna Rita Strachan, CSJ

75 Years

Sister Mary Angelita Conk, CSJ

Sister Virginia Mary Crowley, CSJ

Sister Mary Kenneth Lane, CSJ

Sister Leonard Marie Lichinchi, CSJ

70 Years

Sister Doris Marie Batt, CSJ

Sister Grace Andrew Callahan, CSJ

Sister Paul Marita Ducharme, CSJ

Sister Matthew Mary Gay, CSJ

Sister Francis Claire Gowen, CSJ

Sister Saint Philip Kiely, CSJ

Sister Helen Lauria, CSJ

Sister Saint Claude Lenox, CSJ

Sister Mary Aquinata McGrath, CSJ

Sister Florence Therese Sarsfield, CSJ

Sister Mary Rosaleen Scheller, CSJ

Sister Loretto de Sales Scholtz, CSJ

Sister Agnes Theresa Schwintek, CSJ

60 Years

Sister Rosemary Ann Bellantoni, CSJ

Sister Lucy Mary Blyskal, CSJ

Sister Caryn Louise Brennan, CSJ

Sister Patricia Ann Chelius, CSJ

Sister Margaret Ann Kohler, CSJ

Sister Isabelle Jane Lonegan, CSJ

Sister Mary Edith Maher, CSJ

Sister Mary Jeremiah Manning, CSJ

Sister Maureen Elizabeth O’Donohoe, CSJ

Sister Grace Edna Rowland, CSJ

Sister Mary Louise Tweedy, CSJ

Sister Grace Marie Vagnini, CSJ

Sister Agnes Anita White, CSJ

50 Years

Sister Diane Janet Androvich, CSJ


Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth

65 Years

Sister Mary Ronald Wlodarczyk, CSFN


Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

60 Years

Sister Teresa Raftery, IHM