Photo courtesy of Tihanyi Photography.

Muttontown, Long Island:

Two young Indonesian housekeepers escaped from a house where for five years they had been held captive, physically abused and severely underpaid.

In the center of Suffolk County:

Sixty Peruvian victims of human trafficking were rescued from a Peruvian couple who had stolen their papers, forced them to work and then stole their paychecks.

While these may sound like movie plots, they were in fact “real life” examples of human trafficking on Long Island, a hidden world right next door.

In response to both of these atrocities and many other examples of disregard for human life, the Catholic Church immediately stepped in and provided aid, protection, support and guidance, all leading to better lives and futures for the people who had been so abused.

Since 2004, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has worked with Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to help stop human trafficking in our area as a core member of the Long Island Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force.

Carmen Maquilon, the director of Immigrant and Refugee Services, and her team at Catholic Charities, are Making a Difference, and you join with their efforts every day when you support the Catholic Ministries Appeal, because your gift directly helps to fund this critical work.

“We are able to help these people because first, they trust us, they know the Catholic Church wouldn’t abandon them,” Macquilon explains, “and second, as an authorized provider of services, we have the expertise and the resources to provide so much of what they will need after they are removed from these terrible situations. We can help them with food, clothing, safety, shelter and even legal aid. When they come to us, they have been exploited, abused and dehumanized. We give them back their dignity; we provide the help that they need, and we give them the potential for a future.”

Since 2004, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has worked with more than 200 survivors of both human and sexual trafficking on Long Island, providing critical support and aid, without which these neighbors would be still hurting and unsafe.

Catholic Charities is Making a Difference.

When you support the Catholic Ministries Appeal, you are too.