So the race in my Congressional district, for the seat being vacated by Carolyn McCarthy, has degenerated, according to a piece in Newsday this week, into an argument between the two candidates as to which one of them can lay claim to being more pro-abortion.

I’m unequivocally for the right to kill unborn children, Democrat Kathleen Rice proudly proclaims.

So am I – only more so! Republican Bruce Blakeman fires back.

In reality, of course, neither of them used that kind of straightforward language, which is why I didn’t put it in quotes. Rice prattled on about her “stand for choice” and Blakeman’s spokesman dutifully echoed back the Republican’s support for “a woman’s right to choose.”

Neither of them – in the pro-abortion politician’s tried and true formula of evasion – identifies the reality of the “choice” they are promoting: the choice to destroy the most innocent, most defenseless of human lives.

Throughout Rep. McCarthy’s long career in Congress, her Republican opponents always seemed to recognize that they needed the pro-life vote to have any chance of defeating her. To be sure, it was never enough, by itself, to do so. But it was the one issue on which McCarthy, a careful centrist on just about everything else, moved off to an ideological extreme, embracing even the barbaric practice of late term, partial-birth abortion. And so in response, the pro-life voting bloc could at least offer a base of support on which a pro-life Republican candidate could try to build a winning coalition.

Now, after years of supporting their candidates in this district, pro-life voters have been contemptuously discarded by the local Republican Party. It’s not as if the party didn’t know Blakeman was pro-abortion when it nominated him. For despite Rice’s claim that “we don’t know” where he stands on the issue, anyone who has followed Blakeman’s career, as a former county legislator and perennial loser in statewide elections, knows he has never been an advocate for the right to life of unborn children. Indeed, that contributed to his being trounced by pro-life former Congressman Joe DioGuardi in the 2010 Republican U.S. Senate primary.

What a proud moment it will be for pro-life voters in the Fourth Congressional district as we go to the polls this November.

Here’s a thought: Would either of these “pro-choice” candidates favor our “right to choose” not to contribute our tax dollars to their salaries if they get to Congress?

Didn’t think so. They’re not that “pro-choice.”