It’s crunch time for the education tax credit bill before the Assembly in Albany. A large number of Assembly members, including very many from Long Island, support our just insistence that the education tax credit bill that benefits both public and non-public (parochial) schools be included in the budget. The budget must be passed by next Tuesday. We absolutely MUST tell our Assembly representative to vote for the education tax credit bill to be part of the budget approved by the Assembly. The Senate did it already. The Governor says he agrees but to date has not acted. The Assembly is the key.


Please, please contact your Assemblyperson and urge him or her to vote for the education tax credit bill in the budget. My voice as bishop is just one voice because I have only one vote. Your voice to your Assemblyperson can make the difference. The more who do this, the more likely our schools will be able to benefit from the income  tax credits can provide for Catholic education on Long Island.


This is not a negative bill. It is not “against” anyone and certainly not against public schools. Every child is a potential benefactor. Please call or email your Assemblyperson now, today and say “I vote in your district and I want you to vote the education tax credit into the Assembly budget before April 1.” The general number for the Assembly is 518-455-4100.  Check the name of your Assembly person on line for the proper Albany or local office phone number.You can also send an e-mail via the New York State Catholic Conference Action Center at (You must first register for the Action Network on the site.)


But please do not delay. This is urgent and we have little time to make our voices heard. I thank you for doing this so that we all can thank the Assembly for doing the right thing!


Update 3/27

The passing of the Education Tax Credit in the New York State Budget will greatly increase the number of families Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation is able to help with scholarship support.  During these next few days it is imperative that we continue to push for this effort to pass.

Please contact the Long Island Assembly members listed below and urge them to persuade Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie to support the Education Investment Bill Tax Credit.

The members are:
District 1:  Fred W. Thiele, Jr. 631-537-2583
District 11:  Kimberly Jean-Pierre 631-957-2087
District 16: Michelle Schimel 516-482-6966
District 20: Todd Kaminsky 516-431-0500
District 22: Michaelle C. Solanges 516-599-2972

Many thanks for your continued support.