The basics

The primary purpose of “Create in Me a Clean Heart” is to both provide words of “hope and healing” to the victims of pornography, and raise awareness about pornography’s all-encompassing reach and negative impact. The statement is addressed primarily to parents, clergy, diocesan and parish leaders, educators, mental health professionals, and everyone else in a position to “help protect children from pornography and heal the men, women, and young people who have been harmed by its use.”

The statement is organized according to the following topics:

  • An overview of the Church’s teaching on sexuality, the human person, and chastity
  • An explanation of why pornography is sinful and harmful
  • A survey of the wide-reaching effects of pornography in our culture
  • An examination of the effects of pornography on men, women, young people and children
  • A word of hope and healing to those harmed by pornography
  • An appendix with a link to targeted resources for particular audiences
The complete text of the statement is available online at This page also includes the list of resources referenced by the appendix of the statement, including resources for support groups, recovery programs and advice for those dealing with family members struggling with pornography, Internet filtering tools to block pornographic content and educational purposes.

The highlights