Monsignor Domenick T. Graziadio celebrated his retirement Mass May 5 with his Pius X parish family and family and friends from around the country. Several clergy members from the Plainview Interfaith community joined the celebration. A tent had to be erected in order to accommodate the overflow crowd at Mass. A dinner party for 500 people followed in the gym and parish hall. Several ministry leaders spoke to tell the guests and Monsignor how much his 12-year-term at St. Pius X has meant to them. Pictured on main page, Msgr. Graziadio accepts a surprise give from the parish community. Pictured above, clergy from the retirement Mass, from left, Rabbi Michael Churgel, Rabbi Jonathan Hect, Pastor Eric Olaf Olsen, Father Xavier Lakra, Mother Jennifer Andrews-Weckerly, Monsignor Domenick T. Graziadio, Msgr. Roger McGrath, Father James Deneros, Msgr. John Nosser, Msgr. Michael Flynn, Deacon Michael Gomes and Cantor Morris Wolk.