We should glory in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,
In whom is our salvation, life and resurrection,
Through whom we are saved and delivered.

So, you believe in Jesus Christ. You believe that He is the Son of God who came on earth. You believe that this almighty God, the second person of a community of three, entered into human life as a small fragile baby who was as defenseless and as dependent as any baby. Furthermore, you believe that this almighty Son of God died an ignominious death on a cross while His closest followers ran for the hills.

Many people in the secular world think you are crazy. They don’t buy any of this. And who would unless they have the gift of faith? I think we can presume upon the story and allow familiarity to lead us to accept these rather strange claims without question. We will not be effective evangelizers of our faith to others if we are not startled ourselves by the Jesus story.

I invite you to be surprised by grace in this Holy Week. I am not trying to diminish your faith but to strengthen your faith by not taking the story for granted. It is a love story and that should guide us throughout these holy days.