News from the Vatican+

Pope: Proclaim God's love with boldness

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Today’s headlines 1/14/13+

Pope asks Christians to rediscover 'beauty' of baptism

New York auxiliary bishop picked to shepherd Camden, NJ

Planned Parenthood abortion numbers rise, other services fall

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Benedict XVI to the Young “in Search of a Maker.”+

God created us, He made us in His image, and above all He gave us the gift of His son...

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US Bishops: Negotiations Essential To Preventing Military Conflict With Iran+

“A diplomatic solution is preferable to military action...” wrote Bishop Richard E. Pates of Des Moines, Iowa,

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The Pope, Twitter and the Year of Faith+

Pope Benedict’s twitter account has received 1.5 million followers. Here's how he answered the first three questions.

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Pope: Church needs irreplaceable contribution of American faithful+

Benedict XVI addressed a congress on the Church in America Sunday evening.

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Benedict XVI: Seeking Signs of God in a Distracted World+

Pope Benedict XVI sent out his first-ever message via Twitter under his personal Twitter handle: @pontifex.

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