The people of Syria are suffering terribly by a bloody and violent civil war which is made even worse by the arms and weapons being provided to both the government and the rebels by other countries and even cynical arms merchants.  Caught in the middle are the citizens of many religious and ethnic groups, including Christians who are suffering greatly.  The Pope’s representative, Archbishop Zenari, is a courageous man staying in his post in Damascus to give help to those who are victims.  Recently our Diocese was able to send him 10,000, euros ($13,000) to help those most in need.  He wrote back to me:

“From my heart I thank you for your generous solidarity with the suffering of the Syrian people that increases every day in this cold winter. In some places there is no bread or it costs so much the people have not enough money.  They lack light, heat, many have no work.  There is no safety and much banditry.  Around two million are homeless and a half million are refugees.  I recall Marie Colvin of your diocese as I see the media trying to get some information to the outside world.  I will distribute your generous gift through the religious congregations who know best who are the most needy.

May you and your Diocese enjoy a Happy and Holy Christmas.  Archbishop Zenari.”

Thank you all for making it possible to help our brothers and sisters in Syria.  Please pray for them before the manger this Christmas and into the New Year.

Photo courtesy of CNEWA