The recent “Report” of the U.N. Commission on the Rights of the Child is disappointing in the extreme. Click here to read the calm and measured statement of the Holy See Representative, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, who, with Bishop Charles Scicluna, gave the Holy See’s testimony to the Commission during their recent meeting in Geneva. Please read it if you have a chance.

I limit myself to pointing out that the Report by Ms. Kristen Sandberg of Norway went way beyond the care of children to make unjustifiable and spurious comments against Church teaching regarding abortion, homosexuality, women and children.

Question: When does a position defending the right to life of the child in the womb become a violation of the rights of the child?

Answer: Whenever it is held by the Catholic Church as interpreted by a western secularist.

I remain somewhat skeptical of the value of a report that equates killing a child with a defense of children and one that suggests among other things that the Church amend Canon law to permit abortions in certain circumstances (I pulled this from the Times)

That said, I would add only a comment about the U.S. media. As expected the NY Times weighed in with an article and an editorial comment both of which continued their prejudicial reporting and constant negative judgments on the “Vatican” which they have already found guilty of anything they dislike. . What makes the U.S. media so illegitimate is that never have they criticized the United States government which is one of only three states that have not signed the Covenant on the Rights of the Child. Yes, folks, Somalia, South Sudan and the United States of America are the only three nations out of 193 members of the U.N. all of which, including the Holy See, have signed and agreed to observe the rights of the child.

If this U.N. Commission is so crucial for us all, why don’t the U.S. media and U.S. pressure groups turn their attention to the current administration to urge them to adhere to this Commission which seeks to judge every nation and every religious group by arbitrary standards?