Recently the little city with the big heart welcomed some Wounded Warriors and their families. The people of Long Beach and Point Lookout opened their arms and their beaches to these very special people. On their final night they had dinner at the Bishop Molloy Center in Point Lookout. I was privileged to join them for part of the evening. And a privilege it was!

If you ever want an experience to put things into perspective, this was it. As I moved from table to table greeting these special guests, I was very moved by how unassuming they were. Some lacked limbs or lost eyes but they were upbeat and were caring for their children, introducing their families as if life were normal despite the sacrifices they made and the toll war had taken upon them.

I have no idea what it has cost these men and women and their families to move forward in life but I am sure it has not been an easy road. And so I salute them and I salute the many generous people who helped make a few days memorable.

May the Lord give them peace.

Rev. James M. McNamara