“Time passes so tough and hard on the displaced under the stifling heat suffering from the lack of basic services and cloudy future,” reports Nabil A. Nissan, the executive director of Caritas Iraq, a Catholic organization helping Christians and others affected by violence in Iraq.


“The displaced (from the minorities, Christians and Yazidis) are scattered in different areas in the northern region of Iraq, such as Duhok, Erbil, Sulaymaniya and its surrounding areas,” he said. “The local families are doing their best to assist the displaced families.”



After studying the current conditions, Caritas Iraq has designated the following areas as priorities: housing; basic utilities; basic services; health services and winterization (bathrooms and latrines). Nissan also noted that the local families who are hosting displaced families are also in need of support.

Caritas Iraq acknowledged the cooperation of other partner organizations in their efforts which, in addition to basic needs, include preparing meetings and lectures on psychological traumas especially for the mothers; supporting students to ensure finishing final exams; supporting the children and providing better atmosphere for them.

“It is expected that the formation of a new government would improve the general situation in the country after unifying people, rejecting sectarianism and racism to eliminate Daesh (ISIS) and consequently return the displaced to their original homes,” Nissan said.

 DSC01570Photos sent from Caritas Iraq