Applying the Gospel parables of 9/11 to commuter delays+

Every work day in July, Bishop Barres has a new reflection. Click here for today's video and a link to the entire series.

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Dorothy Day’s spirituality of solidarity in times of crisis+

Every work day in July Bishop Barres offers a reflection on the Catholic Spirituality of Commuter Delays. Watch today's video and catch up on any you missed here.

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Commuting Got You Down? Bishop Barres Finds the Opportunity in Delays+

Introducing a series of workday video messages from Bishop Barres.

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What about you?– St. Paul+

God wants to work with us, right where we are.

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What about You? — St. Peter+

St. Peter teaches us that we all have human weakness, but we should never give up.

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What About You? — St. Katherine Drexel+

Watch the second video in Bishop Barres blog series What About You?

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New Feature: Bishop Barres’ Video Blog+

"What about you?" Bishop Barres asks in his new video blog.

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