Before the sun sets on this day I must mark the moment of the death of Bishop Jim Daly.  I feel like I have known him all my life and, in many  significant ways, I have.  Here I speak for a whole generation of priests who first met Bishop Daly when he was the dean of students at Immaculate Conception Seminary in Huntington.  We were the beneficiaries of a triumvirate of wisdom with Msgr. Jim Coffey as rector, Msgr. Peter Chiara as spiritual director, and Bishop Daly as dean.  The conferences they gave, the example they set, and the hope they engendered still bear fruit today.

In the many years that Bishop John McGann shepherded our diocese, Bishop Daly was the wisdom figure behind the scene.  On many an occasion he bore the heat of the day and the mantle of discernment and never looked for credit or recognition.  His dry sense of humor and his down-to-earth appreciation of life are treasures many of us will carry into the days ahead.  In retirement he was configured to Christ on the Cross and yet was always appreciative of any kindness shown him.

May he rest in peace and, as the sun sets on this day, may his soul wing its way into the heart of God.  Heaven is a better place for having this noble man of God among its citizens.

Rev. James M.  McNamara